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COVID-19 Announcement 3/22/20

Posted: March 23, 2020

To all of US Budokai Karate of Albany Karate-Ka;


First and foremost we encourage all of our friend and family at US Budokai of Albany to stay safe, healthy, and sane during this trying time.  As we know, here in New York State all non-essential services have been discontinued until further notice.  While we are sure that all of us believe our dojo training is essential, the state of New York does not see it that way.  Therefore, US Budokai Karate of Albany will be suspending all dojo classes effective 23MAR20.  


We believe that continued training is important during this critical time as a way to maintain balance, health, and overall well being.  To support this goal, we have worked to develop an online curriculum that will allow us to continue to learn and grow as Karate-Ka.  This curriculum will be presented in multiple distance learning options.

  1. We will be posting on Facebook and our website specific seminars providing students specific criteria to work on within each belt rank.  We will be encouraging our students to send in clips of their training in basics, conditioning, and kata to share with each other.
  2. We will be providing online interactive classes for live demonstrations and questions from the Dojo every Monday and Thursday evening, from 5:45PM to 6:15PM, using the Zoom application for online collaboration.  These online forums will begin Monday 30MAR20 and will continue until we get back to normal.  What this means is that you can sign on to our Zoom meeting and receive interactive distance instruction during this period.  Instructions for attending these sessions will be distributed later by Friday, 27MAR20

At US Budokai Karate of Albany, we also recognize the financial burden that this situation has been placing on all of our students and their families.  We are aware that many of our students and parents are suffering from short term job loss and work slow downs.  Our landlord has passed on to us a 50% discount on our rent for the month of April, and we are going to pass on those savings to our Budokai family.  While we continue to monitor the situation, for the month of April the dojo leadership team will be enacting the following emergency tuition actions:

  • Tiny Tiger Tuition - All tiny tiger tuition will be suspended for April
  • Junior Tuition - Due to the reduced class schedule and the shift to online training, we will be reducing the junior tuition to $80 per month for the month of April
  • Adult Tuition - Due to the reduced class schedule and the shift to online training, we will be reducing the adult tuition to $80 per month for the month of April
  • Family Plan - If your individual tuition was below $80 prior to the current situation, your tuition will stay the same for the month of April

We ask that everyone who currently pays cash at the dojo take advantage of our online payment system in order to pay your tuition on schedule.  All automatic withdrawals will be updated to accommodate our COVID-19 relief plan.    


If someone has a particular hardship that they wish to discuss, please contact Senpai Frank at usbudokaikarate@gmail.com.  As always, we believe that continuing your training is much more important that any financial barrier during this trying time so we wish to work with all students and parents to provide a beneficial outcome for all involved.  Martial arts is an outlet for pent up energy and frustration, allowing you to calm and center your being and forgetting all of the pressures that today brings.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at usbudokaikarate@gmail.com with any questions or comments.